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Your Consultant is Jessica Rew

My Story

Hey you! I am glad you are here! I love sharing my love of Scentsy with new friends. I first got introduced to Scentsy in November 2010 and was instantly hooked... So I signed up on Christmas that year. It has been the gift that keeps giving every single day since then.

I am the Director of an amazing community of consultants that we like to call the Dreamers - my empire consists of 53 people and we are constantly looking to expand and change lives.

My WHY has been many things over my time with Scentsy. Some of the previous - pay down credit cards, have extra grocery money, cover Christmas presents, and take the hubby on a date! Right now; I have two.
1. To spoil my two men. I get to buy them the stuff they want, and be a homeschooling work from home mom to my kiddo.
2. Doing home renovations - and having Scentsy pay to enhance our home!
It has helped me get my new vehicle, as well as pay for Christmas presents every year! Scentsy is unlike anything else I have ever been a part of. I am truly thankful everyday that I found Scentsy!

It started out with a $99 investment and turned into so much more than I had ever imagined it would become. I love helping people reach their goals. If you are interested in this opportunity please let me know. I love to help people live to work not work to live.
Do not just dream it.... DO IT!!!

Love and hugs!
-Jessica Rew